Mikasa TRB9020H Portable X Ray Machine Mikasa TRB9020H: Portable X Ray Machine with Self Power Source

Mikasa TRB9020H: Portable X-Ray Machine with Self Power Source. A portable x-ray machine will be useless if the engine can not be used because there is no power source. Mikasa Battery-powered Portable X-ray Machine (model TRB9020H) is an X-Ray machine with a small (portable) size that can be operated with a rechargeable battery so when there is no power source, it is not a problem.

By the rechargeable battery in it, this machine can be used as much as 300 times to do the x-ray and it has weigh only 7 kg. The results of X-ray could be sent wirelessly to a computer / notebook. Mikasa TRB9020H Portable X-ray Machine is used for the area that doesn’t use any power source or in a disaster area and the power outages. Mikasa Battery-powered Portable X-ray Machine (model TRB9020H) will be sold with price of 1.800.000 Yen.